0 The earth's heat, Coral Reefs Displaced


                      coral reefs

Global warming impact on the living coral reef on the ocean floor. Recent studies by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) shows most of these animals chose to flee.

According to researchers from WHOI marine Kristopher Karnauskas, coral reefs in the Pacific equatorial region swelter. Some groups choose to move to a coral reef a few small islands cool.

"Small islands in the middle of the ocean help to overcome the decline of coral reefs due to global warming," he said. "It's a wonderful concept."

Karnauskas forecast accuracy can be tested in one region in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Gilbert Islands, Kiribati, the region of interest, an area with a relatively low temperature rise compared to other places. As a result, organisms such as algae choose to move to this cool place. Algal reef trail. Both of these organisms in symbiosis with one another.

Interestingly, refugees occupy the site of this underwater graveyard of dead coral reefs due to global warming. "As the re-colonization of areas that have been destroyed," he said.

Coral reefs are the animals into the growth of small plants and algae. The process of photosynthesis organisms passenger becomes a source of energy for the coral reefs. When it turns hot sea water, coral reefs will release the small plants and algae. This process is called bleaching (bleaching).

Republic of Kiribati is located in an area crossed by the equatorial ocean current that flows down from east to west. WHOI calculation shows amplifies this current global warming by 14 percent. When it hit the island, underwater currents pushed to the surface. Location of the current rise in sea became uncomfortable for coral reef habitat.

"The rate of sea level rise as high as 50 percent," said Karnauskas.

Research on coral reef migration was published in the journal Nature Climate Change, published on 30 April 2012.


0 Avoid tricks When Bad Things Getaways

DISASTER come unexpected, it can even happen when you travel to another country orcity. What should I do to prevent bad things when on vacation?

Check out his review below, as quoted by the News:

Find more information

Do a quick research on your intended destination, including social circumstances andthe weather at the destination. Some tourist destinations have an annual severe weather, such as Fiji are routinely approached by a storm every November to April. Do not let your vacation in vain because the wrong time to visit.

Check local media

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Out before it's too late

When it reached the goal and suddenly the weather report predicted the bad conditionor political situation suddenly heating up, do not waste time. Get out of town or country.Avoid it is better than getting stuck in a period that can not be expected.

Ensure protection of insurance

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When natural disasters occur or are stuck in the political situation heats up in another country, do not put any expectations on your country's embassy in that country. Try tofigure it out independently, or help yourself first because aid from the government usuallydoes not come quickly.

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